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Salamander News is a non-commercial football-related website that provides live updates from certain games, livescores and transfer news. Salamander News does not gain financial benefit and profit of any kind. The privacy policy describes how Salamander News’ collect, use and share information from our viewers. The privacy policy is set by Salamander News’ to protect the viewers’ rights when using Salamander News’ official website and its services while guarantee and protect the interests of Salamander News itself. Please, read Salamander News’ privacy policy carefully.

By using Salamander News’ official website and its services, you as viewer automatically accept the privacy policy set by Salamander News.

You can express your opinion or thoughts on the comment section in our articles. The personal information Salamander News collects are email addresses, names or pseudonym and the content shared. You can express your thoughts and opinion indirectly by using Salamander News contacting service. It is required you provide Salamander News name or pseudonym, email addresses and if desired or required other kind of contacting information. More information about will be given and discussed when contact has been established.

The personal information and contents published on Salamander News’ official website by the viewers belong to Salamander News.

Salamander News respects and will not publish any personal information without the consent of the individuals such as emails addresses, names and surnames etc.

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Salamander News will review its privacy policy once or twice every year. Any alteration will be informed to the viewers of Salamander News.

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