Salamander News is a news webpages that brings and shares the latest news from around the world. It also covers special, big events that are taking place anywhere on this planet. It was founded by a person, who currently is medical student, on November 22, 2015. There is no special reason for picking the name “Salamander News”. It is just creature that have been follow since childhood.

Salamander has its origin from Samander, which is a word from the Persian language, which is the official language of Iran. It means fire within.

Salamander News will, in this section, give you news from all around the world including Sweden, where Salamander News is based. The various news can be short or longer and be about various events occuring the world, which could be about events in the various societies, entertainment, political event etc.

In this section, Salamander News will give you news that are sports-related. It can be about any kind of sports but Salamander News primiarly focuses on football news.

Here Salamander News, will publish any kind of stories with educative and informational purpose. This means thatnthe stories could be on, for example, food-recepies and best shaving products and so on.

Salamander News will publish in this second opinions on various topics that have an impact on our society. Anyone are free to send their opinion on Salamander News. If you would like to publish your opinion on the site, you could your story to Salamander News and will go through, edit and publish it. Full name with social media account or an email are two most important criteria to be able to publish your story and those information will be available for the public/viewers.


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